A Rockwell Automation / Tamimi Joint Venture Company


The quality of employees and their development through education and proper training is a very important part of any growing business.  It is always a policy in Silvertech to invest in the development of the skills of its employees so that efficiency and productivity can be increased.  Silvertech has various training courses for new employees as well as its current employees, to keep them up-to-date with the technology changes.  The reason for emphasizing on employee training and development is to create a pool of readily available resources and proper replacement for personnel who move up the ladder within the company.  Also, adequate training and development of the employees enhances the company's ability to use the latest state of the art technology available for our clients.

It is proven that proper training and development of the employees result in increased productivity and reduced employee turnover.  Also, this helps encourage the employees to stay with the company for a longer term.

Training needs of employees can very across the company so a proper analysis needs to be done as to which training has to be provided for which employee at the appropriate time.

At Silvertech, we believe that all our personnel shall be properly trained and developed in order to benefit the company as well as to help themselves move up in their career.  We provide various training programmes and developmental schemes based on our employees' needs as well as the requirement of the particular department.