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United Arab Emirates


  • Saad and Wathba Sewage Treatment Plants

Saad and Wathba Sewage Treatment Plants

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority’s (ADWEA) Sewage Treatment BOOT Project consists of two separate wastewater treatment plants. These wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), located in Al Wathba and Al Saad, were constructed by Kharafi National Co.

The Supervisory, Control and Automatic Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems were provided to supervise, monitor, and control the overall operation of all vital treatment facilities which includes:

•    Primary Treatment, including Inlet Works and Inlet Pumping Station
•    Secondary Treatment
•    Tertiary Treatment including Effluent and By-pass Pumping Station
•    Sludge processing including Biogas Treatment and Utilisation
•    Special Facilities including Effluent Storage Tank
•    Inlet Pumping Station
•    Primary Sludge Pumping station
•    Return Liquors Pumping station
•    Effluent Pumping Station
•    RAS-SAS Pumping Station 1&2
•    Aeration Tanks

The supplied SCADA System was based on GE Intelligent Platforms (GEIP) RX3i Redundant CPU (Hot Backup Redundancy) based RTU system, GEIP Versamax based RIO system and GEIP  CIMPLICITY HMI package is used as a HMI. The HMI Stations are located in the Central Control Room (CCR) in the Administration Building at each WWTP.
In addition to the SCADA and control systems, Silvertech also supplied the following instrumentation packages for both Saad and Wathba plants:

•    Odour Monitoring Systems
•    Water Quality Systems
•    Meteorological Stations
•    Gas Detection System
•    Oxygen Analyzers
•    Pressure Transmitters and Indicators
•    Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
•    Magnetic Flow Meters
•    Dissolved Sludge Measurement equipment