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  • Pressure Reduction and Metering System Upgrade

Pressure Reduction and Metering System Upgrade

As part of the Pressure Reducing and Metering Station (PRMS) Upgrade, the existing Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Safe Guarding System (SGS) at the Pressure Reduction & Metering Stations at Jandar, Nasria, Tishrin and Mahardi were revamped with new Yokagawa DCS system and HIMA PLC based SGS. The SGS, which provides functionality for emergency shutdown and process unit shutdown at the PRMS, was independent of DCS and was interfaced into the DCS system.

Silvertech’s EPC scope included the following:

  • Endorsement of FEED
  • Initial Design Engineering
  • Safety Studies (HAZOP, PHSER)
  • EPC Project Management, Planning, QA/QC, HSE
  • Yokogawa system for Control
  • HIMA system for Safeguarding
  • Installation of a Dedicated Flow Metering System and the existing flow computation in DCS were moved into this.
  • Interfacing the existing Daniel Flow Metering System to the new DCS System
  • Field Installation Engineering
  • Associated cable tray/cable trench works
  • Scaffolding works
  • Documentation

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