A Rockwell Automation / Tamimi Joint Venture Company


As an independent company of system designers and control engineers, Silvertech brings the application expertise and knowledge gained through many years of experience in supplying turnkey Integrated Control and Safety systems to the industry base in the region.

Silvertech system designs take account of the owner/operator requirements for economic, maintainable, flexible solutions, which are easily modified to meet future requirements and are supported for the full project life cycle.

A dedicated Process Control System (PCS) acts as the operator interface to all of the process control, safety systems and third party supplied packages. It is a very critical component for any process plant.

Silvertech designed PCS supports the configuration of numerous automatic functions so that the project can be created quickly and conveniently. All applications provide a graphical user interface for simple control and clear display of the configuration data.

The use of Silvertech designed PCS will provide a lot of features and benefits.  With its modular and open architecture based on state-of-the-art technology, consistent application of industrial standards and the Integration and Control (I&C) functionality paired with high-performance, the  control system allows the right solution for the  operation of plants in all phases of their lifecycle and with consideration of all aspects: from planning, engineering, commissioning, training, through operation, maintenance and repair, up to expansion and refurbishment. In the process, Silvertech supplied PCS combines high-performance and reliability with simple and safe operation and maximum convenience.

Silvertech systems can have software common for the PCS,  F&G system, and ESD system as well.

Silvertech has designed and supplied turnkey DCS/PCS and Safety systems based on the following PCS platforms:

  • Siemens PCS 7
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Yokogawa

The different components of a PCS system can be described as follows:

  • Operator Interface
  • Control / Monitoring Network
  • Controllers ( PCS)
  • I/O Modules

We take complete responsibility for design, selection and development of hardware and Software, Testing, Delivery and commissioning of the system

Silvertech offers the following benefits to ensure a successful and timely completion of the project:

  • Silvertech is product independent which gives the flexibility to offer the right product for the clients applications and that is where we differentiate ourselves from some of the DCS OEM’s.
  • Proven experience in the design, engineering and supply of DCS/PCS systems
  • Responsibility and commitment to providing a total application specific ( not product specific)  solution
  • Flexible, responsive and proactive approach to meeting client need
  • Hardware and software independence
  • Comprehensive after sales support and services for the total project life cycle.  Strong Service Ability (commissioning team, after sales maintenance)
  • Experience in meeting diverse Safety and Control requirements beyond the realms offered by a standard equipment manufacturer
  • Specific experience in the provision and integration of third party systems and equipment
  • Reduced overall risk to the client / end user