A Rockwell Automation / Tamimi Joint Venture Company


All our offshore-qualified service engineers have many years experience in the support of systems that are critical to business and process. This places Silvertech in the best position to provide support for your application, safe in the knowledge that our engineers understand the need for fast and effective support services.

This is all backed up by in-house engineering and project management staff assuring you that whatever the problem, location or time, Silvertech’s Support Services are there for you.

Installation and Commissioning
Silvertech offers an extensive range of installation and commissioning services, which covers all aspects of hardware and software; this also includes third-party products, if required. This is all supported by Silvertech’s in-house engineering and project management staff.

24 Hour Telephone Support
Silvertech’s dedicated telephone support which is staffed by qualified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing you with peace of mind that in the event of a problem with your equipment, support services are close at hand, around the clock.

Emergency Callout Support
If the situation demands it, Silvertech can provide engineering resource to site within four to eight hours in the Middle East, depending upon the location, and within 24 hours to most major industrial countries of the world.

Third Party Support
Silvertech’s depth and breadth of experience makes them better positioned to look after third-party equipment either as part of an integrated package or as a stand-alone system. This management of third-party equipment extends to other critical support equipment such as generators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), making Silvertech’s support service truly all-encompassing. This reduces the number of support contracts required and provides central equipment management saving on administration and cost.

Spare Parts Management
Our Spares and Repairs Service is designed to simplify and reduce your maintenance budget by limiting the holding of on-site spares to critical items only. Supplemented by the Fast Track Parts Management Program, these services have been shown to provide maximum system and plant availability.

Silvertech’s services cover the procurement, inspection, certification, prioritization, storage, management and issue of all recommended spare parts. This includes ensuring that all parts and firmware revisions are kept up-to-date and are compatible for use in your system.

In addition, Silvertech can compile your own unique catalogue of recommended spares showing the number of installed items, proposed minimum stock holding, value, lead time, and critical rating for each item – all of which ensure cost savings to you.

Maintenance Management and Partnering
Silvertech has formed alliances with other specialist suppliers and contracting organizations.  This enables us to provide you with a total maintenance and management solution whilst retaining a single point of contact and management.

Preventive Maintenance
To provide you with confidence that your system, process or application is working to its fullest potential, Silvertech offers a range of Preventive Maintenance routine programmes which are designed to highlight any problems within the system before they become critical. Maintenance visits are also designed to provide clients with recommendations on system performance enhancements and measure to reduce possible downtime.

Tailored Healthcare Packages
As a major systems provider, our resource and skill base allows us to offer a tailored range of services which helps ensure that the operation and maintenance of your system is both effective and cost efficient.  This ranges from bespoke system audits to full time Silvertech engineering presence on-site.

As a total system designer and integrator, Silvertech can provide training courses to meet all of your operational and maintenance needs; ensuring your personnel are fully conversant with the operation and maintenance of the system, maximizing operation, safety and efficiency.

System Updates
Silvertech believes that an integral part of Customer Support and Service is the ability to provide system updates, design changes and modifications in the most efficient and cost effective way throughout the life of the installed systems.

These updates, design changes and modifications are implemented by first evaluating their impact on the installation followed by a planned method of incorporation, as agreed with the customer.

Whenever possible, simulation is used to test the modifications prior to their incorporation within the system.  This ensures minimum on-site commissioning of the change, critically, minimum plant down-time.